Endoscopy on Air and Dr. Ken Binmoeller Offer a Unique Approach to EMR

Known for its highly-attended, live streaming events, Endoscopy on Air has again proven itself as a global leader in medical education excellence. Most recently, the well-known group hosted a 14-hour live streaming event with endoscopy experts from 30 cities across the globe. Closing out this marathon broadcast was Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller, San Francisco, California, USA, executing his unique technique for underwater EMR. Dr. Binmoeller is recognized nationally and internationally as an authority and leader in advanced endoscopic procedures and endosonography, and has authored more than 200 publications. Micro-Tech Endoscopy lauds the efforts of Endoscopy on Air and its team of practitioners that are paving the way in advanced endoscopy and clinical practice.

View the discussion with Kenneth Binmoeller on Vimeo.