Micro-Tech Endoscopy Announces LesionHunter Cold Snare

Micro-Tech Endoscopy launched the LesionHunter Cold Snare, a novel cold snare with an ultra-thin Nitinol wire. Key features include: Thin Monofilament Nitinol Wire – this wire material provides durability in the shape and allows for a 0.18mm thin wire for a clean and precise cut. Coiled Sheath – the coiled metal catheter creates greater stability…

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Announces the Release of its New Submucosal Lifting Agent

Micro-Tech Endoscopy recently expanded its EMR and ESD portfolio with the launch of its BlueBoost submucosal lift. BlueBoost is a viscous submucosal injection fluid designed to increase the efficiency of resection procedures. Lifts and separates the gastrointestinal mucosa from the submucosal layer to help identify the margin around the lesion. Improved lift duration vs. saline…

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Announces Expansion of Popular Lockado Hemostasis Clip Line

Micro-Tech Endoscopy recently launched the largest clip in its Lockado line of Hemostasis Clips with a 22mm jaw opening. Lockado locks tissue in place with atraumatic teeth on the clip arms 22mm is the widest hemostasis clip opening offered by Micro-Tech Lockado is now available in three sizes: 11mm, 16mm and 22mm Lockado became popular…

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA Reveals EndoINK Endoscopic Marker

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA reveals EndoINK Endoscopic Marker. EndoINK is a single-use fluid designed to endoscopically mark lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. Developed with a suspension liquid containing highly purified carbon particles, EndoINK creates a tattoo to facilitate surgical removal and subsequent examination.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Launches PinPoint Injection Needle

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA recently launched the PinPoint Injection Needle, showcasing Micro-Tech’s continued commitment to make its mark on the medical device industry, working closely with doctors dedicated to innovation, and bringing high quality devices to market at unprecedented speed.

Lockado Hemostasis Clip

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA announces the expansion of their SureClip portfolio – the Lockado Hemostasis Clip. “Lockado’s improved clamping function means that the clip can apply superior closure and retention force to the opposing tissue, and lock it in place,” explained Chris Li, President of Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA.

Micro-Tech Endoscopy Launches New Endoscopic Procedure Kits

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA continues its streak of new product launches with the introduction of four new GI accessory kits. Using preconfigured endoscopy kits helps to standardize processes, reduce product handling, and simplify supply ordering. With four different kits to choose from, they can provide what is needed for nearly every endoscopic procedure.  

ABC Balloon

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA launches the new ABC Balloon, available in 6 diameter sizes, all with a balloon length of 5.5 cm. With a longer working length of 230 cm, the new ABC Balloons can be used for esophageal, pyloric or colonic dilation.

Interscope Inc. & Micro-Tech Endoscopy Announce Partnership

Interscope Inc. & Micro-Tech Endoscopy partner to distribute the EndoRotor® System, a unique solution to dissect, resect and collect tissue. EndoRotor is now the first and only device with FDA marketing clearance for Direct Endoscopic Necrosectomy (DEN) in Walled-Off Pancreatic Necrosis/Walled-Off Necrosis (WON/WOPN).


Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA is excited to kick off the year with its first new product of 2021. The ProTrap Luma Polyp Trap is designed to limit the handling of specimens with touch-less sample retrieval.