Micro-Tech Endoscopy Announces the Release of its New Submucosal Lifting Agent

Micro-Tech Endoscopy recently expanded its EMR and ESD portfolio with the launch of its BlueBoost submucosal lift. BlueBoost is a viscous submucosal injection fluid designed to increase the efficiency of resection procedures.

  • Lifts and separates the gastrointestinal mucosa from the submucosal layer to help identify the margin around the lesion.
  • Improved lift duration vs. saline
  • Provided ready-to-use in pre-filled 10mL syringes

BlueBoost is proving valuable to Micro-Tech customers due to its convenience and procedural benefits. The increased viscosity leads to longer lifts vs. saline and its ease of use with electrocautery allows for safe and easy resection of tissue for EMR, ESD, and polypectomy.