New Bite Block Aims to Improve Oxygenation During GI Procedures

Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA seeks to improve oxygenation during endoscopic procedures with its newest invention, Breathe-EZ Bite Block.

Bite blocks offer comfort, protection and assistance during upper endoscopic procedures. The new Breathe-EZ Bite Block was designed with a special, softer bite plate that helps to keep the lower jaw forward and the airway open. Breathe-EZ compliments Micro-Tech’s existing portfolio of bite blocks by offering a composition made with the same premium materials but with a unique and enhanced design.

“Physicians rely heavily on the clinical staff to maintain an open airway through a head tilt and manual jaw thrust maneuver when respiratory complications arise during endoscopic procedures,” explained Micro-Tech USA Executive Global R&D Director Scott Haack. “Breathe-EZ inherently opens a patients airway by keeping the lower jaw in a fixed forward position without constant hands-on care by the staff.”