Micro-Tech Endoscopy Announces Enhanced EUS Needle

Micro-Tech Endoscopy launched an enhanced version of the company’s EUS needles: Areus FNA and Trident FNB. The updates include:

  • Etching on stylet to provide tactile and visual feedback while inserting and extracting the stylet from the needle lumen
  • Secure push button adjustors for needle depth and sheath length
  • Stylet management system
  • Areus FNA and Trident FNB available in 22ga and 25ga

The enhancements have been made in partnership with gastroenterology specialist Joel Judah, M.D., who practices advanced endoscopy and gastroenterology in Macon, Georgia at Atrium Health Navicent Care. This partnership allowed the EUS needle to be upgraded in a way that identifies needs quickly to bring the product to market faster.

“When Dr. Judah came to us with specific needs for the EUS needles, we were thrilled to hear his thoughts and knew we could help,” stated Micro-Tech USA President Chris Li. “A key way that we are improving patient care is by fostering close working relationships with physicians like Dr. Judah in order to make, and improve upon, the best devices possible. Adding markings to the stylet is a simple and easy solution to give tactile and visual feedback to the Endoscopy Assistant, improving the safety and efficiency of EUS FNA/FNB procedures.”

Micro-Tech works at the intersection of providing customers with an exceptional experience, procedural efficiency, and cost containment. To achieve this, partnership with customers is essential because it opens the door for physicians like Dr. Judah to bring challenges or improvement opportunities to Micro-Tech’s development team and see those ideas realized in the market. Dr. Judah saw an opportunity to improve upon the slow-pull technique, often used when providing endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA).

“Over several years of using the slow pull technique, I realized that the individual assisting in this process could not easily determine the location of the stylet within the needle as the stylet was being withdrawn. By adding these graded markings to the stylet, it enables the assistant to know with certainty when the stylet is approaching the more proximal aspect of the needle. This prevents the stylet from falling out and makes the assistant more comfortable,” commented Dr. Judah.

Physicians and endoscopy departments need a clinically precise and cost-effective EUS needle, a tool that is critical in diagnostic and therapeutic intervention. To meet this need, Micro-Tech Endoscopy provides high quality, affordable clinical options to help with consistent sampling and accurate diagnosis from EUS tissue acquisition. This approach, combined with active feedback collection and strong physician relationships, creates the opportunity to bring incremental improvements to the market quickly.